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Applied Social Research

The growing social, cultural and community complexity leads to the use of an amount of different sociological inquiry tools that must be administered with methodologies and protocols adjusted to the canons of social sciences.

Thus, companies are increasingly using these means of inquiry to hear the views, expectations and concerns of their customers, different social actors in their environment and their own employees.

Consulting Partners through the area of ​​Applied Social Research (INSAP) offers companies a number of inquiry tools which, through long experience, have proven to be contributory to management. Thus, inquiry projects may be general or very specific as can be seen in the range of different types of surveys made:

A special point in our proposal is the inquiry about the perceived and /or expected value proposition. Overcoming the general characteristic of job satisfaction surveys these studies are intended to identify what employees perceive as valuable.

The value proposition, as in the “marketing” language, expresses the holistic synthesis of what people experience and receive while belonging to the company. A sound value proposition achieves the daily re-commitment of each participant to give their best in performing the task. It ranges from the most corporate to the personal and family aspects and needs to be designed considering the diversity of individuals and groups.