Human Resources and Organization Consultants

Design and management of models and management procedures and performance improvement

The performance of the members of an organization based on the achievement of objectives and fulfilling the given mission is the result of the interaction of multiple variables, that is to say, it is a complex process that has no single or "Standardized solutions".

Faced with poor performance and / or no achievement of stated objectives some work to improve "performance" is required which does not finish with the evaluation of it.

Sales, quality, development targets, in general, management related to business that are not reached ​​are often indicators of systemic failures and not just a problem of incentives or training.

Consulting Partners (active member of the International Society for Performance Improvement) proposes to address this issue through a working method that includes the multivariate analysis of performance.

This takes account of different factors: organizational, personal, information, technological and instrumental resources, product and market and personal motivations in the analysis of unsatisfactory performance, all with a quantitative and qualitative approach.